Jul 17,1953---Apr 30,2021

On Friday, April 30, 2021, Randy Steven Richardson, loving father of two sons and papa to five grandchildren, passed away at the age of 67. 

Randy was born on July 17, 1953 in Kansas City, MO to Jim and Chris (Dobson) Richardson.  He received his master’s degree in English with a minor in biblical studies from Arlington Baptist College.  On June 2, 1974, he married Connie Ann Hennington.  They raised two sons, James and Cory.

He was known for having a welcoming spirit, being a faithful friend, and being a blessing to those around him.  He had a good wit and was a great story teller.  He enjoyed being a Papa and spending time with his grandchildren.  He had a big heart for the younger generation, showing acceptance towards them. 

Randy was preceded in death by his father, Jim, his mother, Chris, and his wife, Connie.  He is survived by his two sons, James and Cory, his brother Ed, and his five grandchildren, Annabelle, Patrick, Savannah, Zachary, and SaraBeth.

A celebration of life service will be held on Wednesday, May 5, 2021 at Providence Community Church 10113 Lenexa Drive, Lenexa Kansas at 6:30 p.m.







Marty L Tydings May 04 ,2021

'Adopted' sister ,Overland Park ,Kansas

Randy was a great friend, he would do anything for us, any time. He was always up to something, and he enjoyed telling tall tales. Randy was a loyal friend and brother-in-law to Gail Hennington. He was funny, quick with a come back and enjoyed meeting people. Randy is sorely missed.

Candace R. Saunders May 04 ,2021

Friend ,Independence ,Missouri

So, very sorry to hear about Randy. I knew him through junior high and high school. Prayers for his family and grandchildren . He will be missed.

Phillip S Fivgas May 05 ,2021

School Friend ,Redlands ,California

May 5, 2021 Today I found out that Randy Richardson died in his sleep, April 30, 2021. Randy and I go back a ways to Jr. HS at Hocker Grove, Trailridge, SMW, & SMNW. We’ve been communicating lots since August 2020, when I finally opened up on Facebook and found him there. For all those years before it was the phrase, “Just holler!” Sadly, we both had some high expectations of getting together this year, even maybe a grad reunion for the SMNW class of 1971. Few months ago on the phone I asked Randy if he remembered the bomb threats we got when at Trailridge. Yup! Haha! You remember we’d play some hairy War Ball games (Smash Mouth), with Tom Trigg in PE and a guy named Gary Mayfield. Anyway, I remembered we had a bomb scare while in PE and it was wet outside, everybody had been told to get out of the building. Well, Randy told me, “Yeah, do you remember Candy Clark?” Yeah! Well, while I was riding around on the back of Tom Trigg in PE clothes, Randy was meeting Candy. Wow! I had no idea that’s where they met. Anyway, lots of those memories we spoke over the course of these past nine months included; Glenn Griffith, Dicky Beasley, Lynn Tharp, Gary Simpson, Charly Savings, Becky Benton, Harry Hosford, and so many others. Randy had so many friends that it’d be hard to know them all, he was like part of everything back then. Randy’s mom use to take us to places using the first Toyota in Kansas, like the skating rink for Sock Hops, Coyas Castle, (where we were underage for afterhours), and of course school dances/parties. We had loads of fun. We give our condolences and pray for those Randy leaves behind. Randy and I spoke of the love of God in Jesus Christ through both of our loses of spouses and other loved ones near to us. We even spoke of classmates that were already gone. Randy professed his relationship with Christ and even called on me a few times over these recent months to pray and give him advise. By God’s grace we’ll be able to see him in a glorified body in a place where there is no sin or death. No tears, toil, or sadness. Thankfully, I got to spend some time speaking with him before the Lord took him. May the Lord be glorified in Randy’s time in this world. “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His godly ones.” (Psalm 116:15)

Ed Richardson May 06 ,2021

brother ,Easley ,South Carolina

We will treasure childhood memories of a shared "boyhood" playing with my brother Randy. We rode bikes in the neighborhood, played ball together and had boyhood fun with Cindy, our Cocker Spaniel. Good memories. It is clear that Randy loved his boys and their families. He desired to be a good grandfather to each. He will be missed by the many he influenced in his church and in his business. As family we will miss him and look forward to the day we will be reunited in heaven with him. Ed and Darlene Richardson

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