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Matthew Joseph Ireland , Age: 43
April 02, 1974 -- January 02, 2018

Matthew “Matt” “Muttley” Joseph Ireland passed away January 2, 2018 surrounded by his wife, brother and parents. He was born April 2th 1974 to Chris and Joe Ireland of Shawnee, Kansas. He is survived by his mother and father, wife, Sarah, of Shawnee, Kansas, his two son’s Sebastian (15)… or “Bash” as he affectionately called him and Brock, who is the miniature version of Matt. He is also survived by his brother, Brad and sister in law, Nicole Ireland and his niece Paden Chesney of Merriam Kansas. He is entering heaven, greeted by his Grandmother Dorothy “Gigi” and Grandfather Norman “Popo” Lewis; his Grandma Gertrude and Grandfather Rodney Ireland, as well as his Aunts Edith, Helen Sue, Uncle Don, Great Aunt Helen and his family Chihuahuas Grover and Nacho. Matt is also survived by many Aunts, Uncles and awesome Cousins. Matt’s roots are deeply planted in Shawnee, Kansas. He attended Benninghoven Elementary, Trailridge Middle School and Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, where he coached the Varsity soccer team with his brother Brad (he did almost everything with his beloved Brad by his side) just a few years after graduating. He prided himself, quite frequently, even to this day, in helping lead them to their first National ranking and two Kansas State titles in a row. The boys, now amazing men that they coached are people he all loved deeply. Two of them now coach Sebastian at Shawnee Mission Northwest. Matt attended Kansas University where him and one of his best friends, Jason Vogel roomed together but also decided to take all of the exact same classes… earning the exact same degree. When Matt was growing up, a big part of his life was his family’s Kansas City Comets season tickets and their trips to Johnny C’s after. The only game he missed was when he had the chickenpox. Matt and his friends grew up running through the stands of Kemper arena, playing with mini Comets soccer balls, memorizing all the players and their numbers. He often spoke of great memories with the Aufderheide’s, the Vaccaro's, the Biby’s, the McTighe's, the Slack’s and the Pace’s… and they can all still rattle off their old MISL heroes of the past along with their numbers. While in the hospital, one of his favorite heros and now great friend, Kim “the Rocket” Roentved came to visit him and give him a pep talk. Matt was beginning to carry on that tradition with his sons by buying season tickets for the Sporting Kansas City team, who donned his favorite light blue color. His father coached his soccer team growing up and, although he’s a much more reserved man than Matt was, really instilled a deeply competitive nature and smart tactical mind. They both know how to teach people to be the best they can be. In Matt’s young adult life, he was on a team… or more part of a brotherhood called Strike Force. Their memories and antics were legendary in Matt’s mind and hilarious to hear about. Matt carried on that name to build various youth teams with the same name, as well as the old Arsenal soccer club. Matt’s love for every kid he coached was so obvious. When they would reach out to him asking him to come to high school, college games or their life events, Matt would go and cry at every one because his pride for them could never be contained. Matt continued the Strike Force name to his son, Sebastian’s team where he created a close knit group that became a family unit and lifelong friends. Just recently, Matt was driving us all home from a soccer game where started to cry and tell Sebastian how proud he was of how hard he was working and how well he was doing. That is a memory we will cling to forever. Matt was looking forward to coaching Brock in the Legends club, who welcomed our team and even let Matt attach the Strike Force name to our club team. We will continue their training with The Legends. Matt’s professional life started in Advertising with the Feist Yellow Pages. His competitive nature made the Southwestern Bell, later AT&T Yellow Pages “the enemy” in his mind. When he left the Feist, he met his wife, Sarah. He hadn’t found what he wanted to do next and she told him she wouldn’t date him if he wasn’t going to a real 8-5 job. The next day, Matt walked into her work dressed in a suit to tell her he had just landed a job with “the enemy” so she had to date him now. That enemy later became a place where he found some great mentorship he saw some success, gained some maturity in the workplace and brought him yet another crowd of beloved friends. Matt and Sarah got married, Matt’s lifelong friend, Joe Pace wanted to do the ceremony. He knew they were going to get married when they met. Right after their wedding, they went on to work together in the craziest little ride of education, teamwork and friendship. A startup called Front Flip. Working together as a team should would have been tough for a lot of spouses but they loved supporting each other in every avenue of life. They challenged each other daily in work, life and parenting. While at Front Flip, they had their second son, Brock. Brock is the clone of Matt and we will be able to laugh, cry and watch with joy as he grows up showing us the entertaining differences of nature vs nurture. Matt’s grandmother, Gertrude was so happy to have one person to carry on the Ireland name. We are all so proud and happy to have this piece of Matt. After Brock was born, Matt’s good friend Jody gave him a shot at a new type of sales position called the Channel. Given Matt’s obvious great nature at building relationships, Jody thought Matt would be great at the position. Matt found the most professional happiness of his life learning the Channel under Todd Debell. That position gave him room to go out, have fun, meet people while also challenging him. Matt had many adventures with that company, some that he could bring Sarah to enjoy as well. They are some of Matt and Sarah’s greatest memories ever. His last company was his favorite. He called them his family just last week. 20 minutes before his heart attack, he sent his team at Back Box a text that 2018 was going to rock. He was so happy and proud that his boss Rafi, who despite living in Israel was so much like him, trusted him to be the VP of Worldwide Channels. He was so excited to get this year started. To execute his plans for “World Domination”. There are so many other memories that it’s hard to name them all. Car shows, Cruising the Fe, parties with his cruising buddies. If you weren’t mentioned, please don’t be hurt. He loved all of his mates from coaching soccer and all of their wild shenanigans, he was always so excited when we were able to attend any function with Alastair or ask Huw if “he’s heard about the tournament”. He was so happy when a bunch of them showed up at the Lenexa BBQ and had so much fun at the American Royal with our close friends as teammates and our forever neighbors who he wanted to sign up to be with every year. Unfortunately his life was cut short but the amount of life he lived in that short time was so bright, so wild, so fun. Matt called his mother every day… usually three times a day to check in with her or she would call him. They may have talked to each other six times a day and were so much alike. We would joke about their “blue” personalities how how often they would cry. Sarah will now add an extra call or three to help the transition. However many it takes. He will be buried in his favorite Strike Force sweats because he told Sarah that if she has to bury him, it better be in sweats. If you would like to dress casual, he would have wanted you to be comfortable when you come to celebrate him. If you want to wear light blue or “Strike Force Blue” you will make him smile from above. Matt loved with every last bit of that heart that failed him and if you knew him, know that he loved you greatly. Matt was not a fan of flowers. In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Go Fund Me set up by Matt’s colleagues. His close friend and family will help Sarah with proper investments for the future of Matt’s children.

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Andrew J Holmes January 04, 2018

Married to my cousin Sarah. So, he was cuz Matt! Portland , Oregon

Every time I spent to time with Matt he made me feel like his family. I will cherish Every thing he did for me and love him lots.

Tommy Wilson January 04, 2018

Friends Kansas City , Kansas

I am so sorry for your loss. Matt was a great guy.

Cindy Al-Atabi January 04, 2018

cousin Dearborn , Michigan

I am praying for his parents and Sarah and the boys. Your life was way too short. I will miss your laughter.......

Jim Sharpe January 04, 2018

friend Olathe , Kansas

Loved that guy.

Chad haun January 04, 2018

Friend Oro valley , Arizona

Im sorry for your loss. Matt was a special person and will be greatly missed.

Cindy Priesendorf January 04, 2018

Friend Orrick , Missouri

My prayers are with you and all your loved ones. May you rest in peace as you have entered into a new world. I believe we will all see each other again in the better life that awaits the rest of us. Rest in peace Matt. My prayers go out to you Sarah. May you be strong and remember that Matt will always be with you.

Jeff Pini January 05, 2018

Friend/Teammate St. Louis , Missouri

Im truly sorry for your loss. Prayers God Bless

Mauro Sallustio January 05, 2018

Friend Olathe , Kansas

RIP Matt ... it's all the words I can muster...

Sandra Beydler January 05, 2018

Fellow Comets fan Las Vegas , Nevada

So very sorry for the loss of such a fine young man. I had the pleasure of seeing Matt and Brad grow up at Kemoer Arena and Johnny Cs. The Ireland’s were just good people and the boys the right amount of ornery. I hope his family can find peace in knowing he touched so many lives, young and old. God bless.

Laurent Denis January 05, 2018

friend overland park , Kansas

I’m sorry for your loss. He was a wonderful person.

Nancy and Kent Auf Der Heide January 05, 2018

Friend Shawnee , Kansas

As sad as it is, this is a wonderful tribute to Matt's life. Our prayers are with all of you as you live with this great loss for the family (and friends).

Jeff Burdolski January 06, 2018

Enter your relationship with Matthew Joseph Ireland Los Angeles , California

No matter what I'm going to miss your always smiling face! It's hard to type this with the tears in my eyes. Always a place in my heart for you and your family!

Matthew Cushman January 06, 2018

Freind Raytown , Missouri

Here is one last two minute penalty to you... for making us all sad... but I will spare you t he red because your memory will stay burning in us all giving us joy and fond remeberances.

Jason Crawford January 06, 2018

Friend Olathe , Kansas

Our prayers and thoughts go out to the entire Ireland family. Thank you Matt for your passion & dedication in helping to develop my son (Jake) into being the best soccer player he could be. You will be missed. Go Strikeforce! The Crawford Family

leslie geolas January 06, 2018

Enter your relationship with Matthew Joseph Ireland Enter your city ,

My condolences to Matts family. I remember him at Comets games running around the top seats of the arena. Always a friendly guy and seemed to have a lot of friends who I'm sure will miss him!

sue oswald January 10, 2018

mary irelands sister overland park , Kansas

I am very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.