Zbigniew “Zbiszek” Marian Andrzej Gliniecki
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Zbigniew “Zbiszek” Marian Andrzej Gliniecki , Age: 92
August 25, 1925 -- November 08, 2017

Zbigniew “Zbiszek” Marian Andrzej Gliniecki Our beloved husband and father passed away November 8, 2017 at home, due to complications from two decades of alziemers. Born August 8, 1925 to Feliks Antoni (b.1897) and Jadwiga (Duda b.1902) Gliniecki. In small town of Plebaniszki near Grodno, Poland (now in Belarus). He was the first born followed by his brother Leszek. His mother died in 1933. Halina Wisniewska became his stepmother (b.1915 in Ukraine) and the family increased by three more brothers and a sister. His father was a Forestry Engineer and administered numerous National Parks and forests, giving Dad an idylic life in rural Poland and in many of its wild and managed natural assets. Unfortunately on September 1, 1939 Germany invaded, and then the USSR invaded Eastern Poland where they lived on Sept 17. On Feb 10, 1940 at 3 am Soviet soldiers came and they were given only minutes to pack for transportation to gulags in Siberia along with 100,000’s of other families considered enemies of the State. Though many died on the journey and 100,000’s more in the camps and after, most of the family survived except for the toddler twins Jacek and Maria. Dad and Halina had to perform forced labor and as his father became ill Dad had to work harder still. Each family had only one bunk to call home. When Hitler invaded in June 1941 and under pressure from the Allies, Stalin allowed the imprisoned Poles to leave. But without any resources, it became an arduous 3 month journey through most of the Soviet –stan countries for the family and others. Eventually the survivors reached the Caspian Sea and sailed to safety to UK and US (non-Soviet) occupied sections of Persia where the Iranians were extremely gracious in providing for the starved and seriously ill Poles. Many men, women, and children had perished on the journey and after from the effects of starvation and disease. From there the family split up never to be fully united again. Zbizsek, though under-age, went into the Polish element of the British 8th Army, the famed Polish 2nd Armoured Corps, training all over the Middle East. His younger brother went into the cadets, Halina into the Polish wing of the RAF in the UK, his father and youngest bothers to Mexico, where the reception was extremely warm and friendly, to run the Polish refugee orphanage in Santa Rosa, GTO Mex. He and the boys were of the very few who returned to Poland after the war. Grandfather died there in 1948. Dad fought up through Italy, mainly as a 20mm Bofors AA gunner, and was in the famous Battle of Monte Cassino where the Poles with heavy losses, after the Americans, Brits, Kiwis, Indians, and others failed, took the position. He finished the war in Bologna, Italy. Virtually all exiled Poles never returned to Poland due to Soviet rule. After demob in 1948 and using the UK’s ‘GI bill’ he graduated from London University as a Civil Engineer. He and his best friend Sculz studied hard, but still enjoyed life as many did after what they went through. Later he met our mother, a Welsh born Italian, at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London, using his Italian to win her over. They married August 8, 1953. In 1958 they emigrated to the US, first settling in Mobile, Alabama, then Birmingham, and lastly in 1965 Roeland Park, KS. In Alabama he did work on the Apollo Launch Gantry. He did a bit of travelling for work, here and abroad for work and pleasure, including at one time travelling around the world on a business trip. Dad got a Masters in Engineering at UMKC. Later his specialty became design of reinforced concrete for slipforms to build flour and feed mills and silos throughout the world and the US, and Mexico was a favorite place for him to work. He enjoyed playing golf, sailing, tennis, finding good value eateries, grocery shopping, among other interests. Dad and Mum acquired a love of culture that he passed down to us. He was fluent in Polish, of course, as well as Russian, Spanish, Italian, some German and very fluent in English speaking and writing. But most of all being a ‘motherhen’ to his four sons combined with his strong Catholic Faith. Our Dad had a great love for babies and young children, as very well evidenced when the grandkids visited, and our pet cats. He still cherished his Polish heritage, loved Italy and his American home, for which not voting was not an option. He had the courage of his convictions to display his support for civil rights in Alabama even though a foreign Catholic in the South. He is survived by his wife Anna (nee Salsezi), his four sons, twins Marek & Stefan of the home, Dante ( OP ), and Paul (LA CA ); his grandsons Alexander (Michi), Nikolai (Picci), Julian Ortiz-Luis, and step grandson Sato Nagano. Other survivors in the UK and Poland include his younger brother Leszek of London (UK), his step-brother and sister Jacek “Jan” and Ewa Kot. His twin nephews Tomek and Jerzy (Poland), Mirek, Andrzej, Robert, and Cyprian, niece Margosia, and step-grandson Pawel Kot. He was preceeded in death by his half brothers, Zdzislaw “Dzidek” (2014), Jerzy “Jurek” (2013), twins Maria and Jacek (1941), his step mother Halina (2006) and her husband Francisek Kot. His father and mother had 12 siblings, only an aunt and family and a couple of cousins ( a cousin recognized as a hero of the Warsaw Uprising as a 15 year old medic) survived the war. Services will by at St.Agnes Catholic Church, Roeland Park KS. Rosary at 8:45, Visitation at 9, Mass for the departed at 10, burial at Resurrection Cemetery in Lenexa and luncheon back at the Church. No flowers but instead Contributions may be made to charities in his name, especially those helping new immigrants and refugees here and abroad.

Additional Service: Rosary
Location: St. Agnes Catholic Church
Address: 5250 Mission Road
City: Roeland Park
State: KS
Zip Code: 66205
Date: November 17, 2017
Time: 8:45 AM
Additional Information: Services will by at St.Agnes Catholic Church, Roeland Park KS. Rosary at 8:45, Visitation at 9, Mass for the departed at 10, burial at Resurrection Cemetery in Lenexa and luncheon back at the Church.
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Additional Service: Funeral Mass
Location: St. Agnes Catholic Chuch
Address: 5250 Msission Road
City: Roeland Park
State: KS
Zip Code: 66205
Date: November 17, 2017
Time: 10:00 AM
Additional Information: No Additional Information Added
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Jennifer Johnson Wenzel November 15, 2017

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Dearest Mrs. Gliniecki and sons, Your husband and father's smiling face is burned in my memory. He always seemed genuinely glad to see me and have a visit when I would see him at Saint Agnes. Who would have ever imagined the challenges he overcame during his early life. He was such a happy and friendly person. It was a pleasure to have known him. I know you will miss him terribly. He was blessed to have such a wonderful wife and family. Please know that I am thinking of you all.

Deacon Ronald And Paula Zishka November 15, 2017

Friend of Dante LEAVENWORTH , Kansas

Our sympathy to you and your family on the loss of your dad. May the perpetual light shine upon him and may he rest in the peace of Christ.

Joel Marquardt November 16, 2017

Friend of Marek and Stephan Roeland Park , Kansas

Very sorry to hear of your loss. His story is amazing and an inspiration. I only really know Marek and Stephan. Thank you for carrying your father's spirit to benefit those around you, especially your friends in Roeland Park.