Marc Paul Valliere, Age: 92
Oct 28, 1926 -- Jun 1, 2019


Marc Valliere, age 92, passed away June 1, 2019.  He was 5 months from his 93rd birthday, and he was blessed to live those years healthy and mentally sharp. We're thankful that he lived such a long, healthy life and that his passing was quick and with minimal suffering.


He came to this country in the early 1960’s as an electrical engineer. The early ‘60’s pictures we have show him in the big, dark-framed glasses, white button-up shirts and probably a pocket protector in the breast pocket, looking like a stereotypical NASA engineer. He was curious about all things science, especially space, history, geography, and the arts. He was a life-long learner: self-taught photography with a darkroom, took stainglass (even designing and building his own 3-D hanging lamps) and watercolor classes; was excited when computers became an at-home thing and dove right in.  He also especially enjoyed hiking the mountains around Phoenix and x-country skiing around Flagstaff. After he retired he enjoyed the opportunity to travel worldwide more often, he took up alpine skiing again, and moved out of the Arizona heat to California, where he lived for 14 years near his son, before moving to Kansas to be close to his daughter.


He lived a good, long life and was always ready to share a laugh.  He is survived by his two children and his three grandchildren, and his identical twin brother. He is preceded by an older brother who passed in his youth, and his sister, who recently passed. Dad, we will miss you greatly and will see you on the other side!